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If you can’t afford to move into your dream apartment alone, seeking a roommate to live with could be a good choice. All roommates aren’t annoying, destructive or rude. We have all heard of the roommates from hell but a good way to avoid that is by following our guide: Room mating 101. You can find a pretty good roommate if you make sure to stick to these lines.

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When You Meet Your New Roomie

When first meeting your new roomie you want to present yourself at your best. This new roomie you will be sharing your life with for the remainder x amount of time. To make sure that you make the best out of this living situation, comprise, listen, be considerate and most of all do unto them as you want done unto you! If you notice within the first couple of days of you two living together that your roommate habits may start to bother you, keep it to yourself! Yes, you heard right. Don't go and confront your new roommate about their annoying habits and don't make the worst out of it.

Be easy and relax! Go about it a better way. For instance, say you two share a bathroom and your roommate leaves his/her toothbrush in the sink area, instead of you making a fuss about it, invest in a toothbrush holder (if you don't have one already) and take the liberty in placing their toothbrush in the toothbrush holder. See how simple that can be? This way, when they use the bathroom again they will notice your "gesture" that indicates,"put your toothbrush here please and thank you".

Taking the easy simple approach can really make life living a little easier for everyone involved. Having roomies can be really exciting and adventures, especially, if you are living with college roommates. This time in your life living with others will be an experience that will help you grow and will only make life much more worth living. Becoming an Adult and living on your own or with roommates is a challenge but it can be so rewarding by sharing life with people you live with. If you are college roommates, set boundaries if needed to still have that time to stay grounded and be able to study and prepare for exams, etc.

Finding a roommate can be stressful also but finding someone renting out a room or searching for roommates is easier than you think because everyone could afford a roommate especially if they have a room vacant that someone could rent out. Take every experience as a lesson learned and have fun exploring roommate options and room mating. If you need help finding a roommate or room vacancies, try or where you can see the face of who's renting out a room or try room matching services that will set you up with someone compatible customize to your likes, dislikes, schedule and more.